When planning a new project, please consider the application time for zoning approval before starting.  Should you need a copy of the Zoning Code and Land Use Plan, please call Van Buren’s Zoning Inspector Mike Julien at 419-208-9009, email him at cmjulien@yahoo.com or visit the Village’s website at http://vanburenohio.org.

Routine neighborhood checks are being done to identify zoning and safety issues.  It is our goal to improve the quality of life for Van Buren residents and to enforce the zoning codes.  If you would like to report a violation or concern, please feel free to call your designated Council Representative or Zoning Inspector.

Zoning Board

 (Back row-left to right)   Matt McCracken, Ed May, Sam Nigh

(Sitting-left to right)         Stan Heitkamp (Chairperson), Mike Julien (Village Inspector), Neil Schaller