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Village Officials


We want to hear from You!  Please contact your designated Council Person for any issues or concerns you may have, contact information is provided below for each Council Member.  For general questions or complaints, you may contact us via our Contact Page, or through our Village email address:

                                     Edward May                                        Greg Ayers                                   Keith Brenneman
                                       Mayor                                                     Village Clerk                                           Council Member
                                     Ph: 419.299.3234                                                     Ph: 419.722.7732                                                        Ph: 419.306.2666
                                            General Questions                                        Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions                                     Cherry St. / May St.


                                 Eric Heitkamp                                        Don Wills                                  Kelsey Heitkamp
                              Council Member                                       Council Member                                      Council Member
                                   Ph: 419.957.1533                                                      Ph:                                                   Ph: 419.306.1386
                                             South Main St.                                                            North Main St.                                                  Elm St. / Creswell St.


                                   Amy Scherf                                        Natalie Walters                                        
                             Council Member                                           Council President                                          Village Attorney
                                  Ph:                                                           Ph: 614.403.6581                                             
                                            East Market St.                                                            West Market St.