Dig Safety

To protect our water, sewer, and gas lines the Village and Arlington Natural Gas Co. need you to call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) at 1-800-362-2764 or 811 before you dig.  This service is free and your local utility company will identify these lines for you.  It is also required by law to call; otherwise, you may be responsible for damages to the water, sewer, gas lines, and/or other underground structures. It’s the Law!

Note from the Zoning Inspector

When planning a new project, please consider the application time for  zoning approval before starting.  Should you need a copy of the Zoning Code and Land Use Plan, please call Van Buren’s Zoning Inspector Mike Julien at 419-257-3369, email him at

Routine neighborhood checks are being done to identify zoning and safety issues.  It is our goal to improve the quality of life for Van Buren residents and to enforce the zoning codes.  If you would like to report a violation or concern, please feel free to call your designated Council Representative or Zoning Inspector.

Sidewalk Safety

Because of the liability associated with unsafe sidewalk conditions, the Village needs the homeowner to replace the sidewalk as soon as possible.  All sidewalks need to be in complaint by 2017. If you do not know if your sidewalks are in complaint , please contract the Van Buren Zoning Inspector.

Winter Reminder

Mother nature might be responsible for snow that is deposited, but you, as a homeowner or tenant, are responsible for removing it! For the safety of visitors to your home and a courtesy to your neighbors, please remove ice and snow from your sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall. When shoveling your driveways, DO NOT shovel, plow, or blow snow onto the Village Streets. This delays the process of clearing the street and will cause the snow to be pushed back into the apron of your driveway when the snow plow passes. There is no parking within the Village Square and all  Streets after 2 inches of snowfall. The Village requires that all streets are clear of vehicles to ensure that every street is plowed and passable. The Hancock County Sheriff Department will be placing a greater emphasize on this ordinance during this winter season.

It’s time to Recycle

A Recycling Drop-Off Center is located on the Village-owned property at the intersection of Ash and Burrell Drive. The center will be open 24/7 and handle glass (brown and clear), plastics (#1 & #2), tin cans, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard only. Recycling is a simple way for the residents to help out the environment and help preserve natural resources from being depleted.

Public Safety

The Village has emphasized public safety and today’s sheriff deputies continue this tradition, offering extra patrols, additional services such as house checks while you’re away, and security audits. Annual leaf and brush pick-up and snow removal are especially valued by residents. 


Environmental Stewardship 

Preserving and enhancing the Village’s natural assets is a high priority in Van Buren. The efforts of the Environmental Stewardship Committee , which consist of council members, have resulted in budgeting and planting 10 new trees for each of  the past several years. We ask that no person plant, prune, brace, cable, spray, or otherwise perform work on a tree street right-of-ways without first obtaining the prior approval of the Environmental Stewardship Committee. The Village wants to extend to each resident the opportunity to create a lasting memorial by donating a tree in memory of relatives, friends or in honor of a commemorative occasion. Contact Keith Brenneman at 419-299-3062 for further information.