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The Arlington Natural Gas Company

The Van Buren Gas Company was started  in the late 1800's when local gas production from wells was the source of oil and gas in the area.  However, oil and gas production began to decline in the early 1900's and pipelines from other areas of the country became the source of fuel.  The gas company temporarily moved its office to Arlington, Ohio when the decision was made to incorporate the company.  In April of 1916, it was incorporated as the Arlington Natural Gas Company.  Shortly thereafter, the company moved back to Van Buren but it did not want to bother with the legal hassles of changing the corporate name, hence the reason for the Arlington Natural Gas Company being in Van Buren.
The office was originally located in a building that stood just north of the old Gillespie's Tavern and south of the house that is       located beside the post office.  However, building has been gone for many years.  The current office building has been around since the late 1800's and was originally a three-story structure that was remodeled in the 1940's to a two-story building.
Today, Arlington Natural Gas has five employees on its staff.  Those five employees include Julie Kroske, Luke Sizemore, Mike Poole, Tim Poole, and Tom Poole. Arlington Natural Gas Company operates 69 miles of pipelines in three counties serving customers in the communities of Arcadia, Arlington, Kirby, Mount Blanchard, Portage, and Van Buren.                                                                          

Thank you for serving the Village of Van Buren all these years!